Writing Prompt

  1. Grab the closest book. Go to page 29. Write down 10 words that catch your eye. Use 7 of words in a poem. For extra credit, have 4 of them appear at the end of a line.
  1. Tone
  2. Refusal
  3. Quarter
  4. Bemused
  5. Germ
  6. Lick
  7. Calmly
  8. Mental
  9. Obeyed
  10. Cream

She put a quarter in the slot

and heard the tone.

And tried to call her mother


Bemused when the nature of things

obeyed, in the predictable way.


Should there have been a cord

she’d have wrapped it

around her fingers

it would have done

what she wanted it to do.

cream colored plasticine


she’d have licked the spirals

she would have cried.
Writing Prompt