When you don’t write, you’re practicing not writing. You get even better at not writing. You become an expert at not writing. The only writing you publish reads: I haven’t been writing much lately, here it goes, let’s try again. Like a live journal if your mediocrity.

March 3rd 2014

I haven’t been writing much lately, things are really busy.

June 2nd 2015

I’m really going to make it a priority to write here this month.

July 22nd 2016

Writing used to be really important to me but I don’t write much anymore, ghost town night? Lol, I’m the worst.

These are the signatures on backs of checks cashing in on their negligence. A little self depreciating humor won’t make you any more of a writer.

Today I wrote “wrote on POW” in my schedule and then I came and wrote in POW. I suppose I’m not any better than the rest of them, talking about not writing, practicing not writing, complaining about how hard writing is. But at least I’m writing.

At work I take scraps of paper, balloon order sheets, floral delivery invoices, and I write things on the backs. The way customers make me feel or the funny way someone dresses. I tuck them in my pocket and usually I throw them away without looking at them again.

But it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.


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